Yuuichirou Yamanishi   ( 山西 雄一郎 )


Japanese artist / Photographer. living and working in Germany.


Born in Yokohama, Japan. Since early childhood, He loved to investigate and devise things around himself and creating something new. He studied Graphic Design and contemporary art. At the same time, he  encountered the attraction of photography. This was the trigger to open his eyes to the very profound visual art and photography.



2014  Group exhibition in Artist in Residence “Pilotenkueche” Spinnerei Leipzig 

2014 June to September, participated in Artist in Residence “Pilotenkueche” Spinnerei Leipzig

2013 “record the afterimage” Das Japanische Haus, --Solo exhibition--

2013 “view from the behind” Das Japanische Haus, --Solo exhibition--

2013 “Requiem” Japanische Botschaft, Berlin --Group exhibition--

2012 “The Still Noise” Restaurant-SWERA, Berlin --Solo exhibition--

2011 “listen to their modest insistence” in the Browse Fotofestival, Berlin --Solo exhibition--

2011 “meet the photographers” Phototheke, Berlin --Group exhibition--

2009 “Raka” KUNST IM TURM, Berlin, --Group exhibition--

2007 “Raka” Nagune, Tokyo --Solo exhibition--

2005 “La photographie comme avenure” Art Planning Room Aoyama, Tokyo --Group exhibition--

2003 “gap” Osaka Nikon gallery, Osaka, Japan --Group exhibition--

2003 “gap” Shinjyuku Nikon gallery, Tokyo, Japan --Solo exhibition--

1998 to 2002 Educational foundation vocational school “TOYO Institute of Art and Design” Diploma in Visual Design 4 years.
studied graphic design, visual communication, art and photography.

2001 Hasselblad school photo contest, Japan : Excellent award

2000 “Kyouiroiro” Gallery TOBI, Tokyo --Solo exhibition--